Morphing into a pack rat

I have so many handbags and purses stashed in a storage box stuffed into an obscure corner somewhere that I no longer remember the exact number of bags inside. My bookcase is stuffed full of books, toys, bookmarks, odds and ends and some weird looking thingy that if I move anything, everything will probably come crashing down. Our spare room is a complete mess with storage boxes full of news clippings, old clothes, toys, things that ‘I may need someday’ and knick knacks I picked up while on our travels.
I have long discarded my pack rat syndrome after having to move to so many places in my younger days but alas, it is now back with a vengeance! I have been in denial of this fact for quite awhile but now I have to admit that I am a pack rat.
No, not just any pack rat. A real pack rat queen! Rummaging through the mess in our spare room made me realized how much junk I have gathered in the last two years. It is amazing how I could transform back into a pack rat within the space of only two years.
I mean, before that, I practically live out of my luggage and my boxes of books. As in, I could move anywhere by just packing my luggage and my books but now, the idea of moving boggles my mind.
How in the world did I morph into a pack rat without realizing it? Shiissshhh…and there I was, acting high and mighty, looking down my nose at my in-law’s cluttered apartment as both his parents tended to ‘keep’ things for ‘just in case’.
Still, I believe I am leagues behind them, yet, as they have a 30-year-old pot inside one of their kitchen cabinets and all my stuffs are below two years old.
You see, we will not be moving from the current place anytime in the near future. We bought this place and unless we suddenly strike it rich and could afford a bigger place, we are probably here to stay for years and years. The spare room brimming with junk is not a very good thing. In fact, it is all wrong.
Okay, so the luggage full of maternity clothes is not that wrong, after all LR will not be an only child. So, I may really need it in future. And the luggage full of pre-baby clothes (my skinny small size clothes from ‘back then when I do not have stretch marks and loose skin’), well, I am sure I can fit into some of them by now after losing most of the baby weight . It is just that I do not have the time to sort through it all and get rid of the moth eaten ones and the mid-riff baring ones. (with beautiful silvery, almost glowing in the dark, stretch marks on my tummy, I think it is not a good idea to bare it for all to see now…).
As for the news clippings, well, someone once told me that I should keep my published articles for reference in future. Since I am unsure whether that meant all of my articles or just a few really good ones, I kept all of it. Every single one of it. Hundreds of it (or is it thousands?), I dare not even go through the stacks of clippings to count, much less sort through it all to find the 'really good ones'.
The handbags and purses...well, I love accessories and well, I may just need them someday...err...I think... The toys are mostly Ty Beanie Babies with their tags intact. Hey, they are collectors items and I will not get rid of it. Even LR does not get to touch the ones that I really like.
Oh heck, I am no where near clearing out all that junk with all my excuses, am I? Well, one thing at a time. I will first throw out hubby's unwanted stuff...

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