Why I set up my own hosted websites

Having a simple blog on may be free and all but if you plan on blogging for a long, long time and you want to do more with your blog such as turning it into a website, why not get your own domain and set up a Webhostingaccount?

After all, getting a good and dependable web host is rather easy. I am a blogger who earns money online so merely having blogger sites is not enough. That's why I set up quite a few other websites with specific domain names targeted at attracting traffic according to my target keywords.

Of course there is the hassle of looking for a dependable host. We wouldn't want the server crashing all the time and your website inaccessible. That's why I will do some reading and check up on reviews available to find the best option. There are so many web host companies available such as ipage host reviews. Thats the wonder of the Internet. You do not need to step out of your house to check up on stuffs and to shop!

The other day, I was just reading up on justhost hosting reviews and it helped me made my decision on the web host to choose. Hosting your very own sites give you so much more freedom. You can set it up as a blog. Or you can set it up as a static website. You can use it to set up affiliate site. A shopping site with a shopping cart. Anything is possible when you set up a website with you own web hosting account.