Things for writers to do when stressed out

We all have days when we are extremely overburdened with work and so stressed out thinking of ideas and combining words into sentences for our writing projects, not to mention dealing with difficult clients, that sometimes we really need to get away from it all. And we are not even talking about getting rid of writers block.

What I usually do in situations like this is to:

1. Surf the internet - reading up and catching up on our industry is a good way to de-stress and at the same time learn new things.

2. Online shopping - as long as you practice some self-control, I guess it is a good way to 'pamper' yourself with some stuffs that you have always wanted. That's what I call shopping therapy!

3. Be young again - what's more mind-numbing than some fun video games? The Nintendo Wii of course! Getting into some action-packed game could be a great stress reliever, just don't overdo it and forget everything. The great part about this is that you can download a variety of games with just a click of the mouse and yes, the games are pretty affordable too so it won't burn a hole in your pocket at all.

4. Read a book - as writers, it is always a good excuse to pick up a book and spend hours lost in it because we are actually 'working' by reading. It is all in a day's 'research', doncha think so?

5. Go for a massage and spa treatment - that is the ultimate pampering solution to de-stress and get all those tension and knotts in your shoulders to dissolve and go away.

6. Do a spot of yoga - why not grab your yoga gear and head on to somewhere peaceful and quiet for a great yoga workout to relax the body, mind and soul? Yoga has been known to help you maintain your agility, reduce stress and yes, even help you lose weight.

7. Blog - I know it may sound weird to be blogging in order to get away from all your writing stress but we writers tend to feel better after getting it all out through words and what better way than to blog? When blogging, you do not need to worry about deadlines, clients' needs or anything like that. It is just purely therapeutic to let it all go!

So, there you are. The 7 things I do when stressed out. If all else fail, I guess, you will be in need of the ultimate de-stress solution of all time:

Go for a holiday!