Broken glasses

I just made my third pair of prescription glasses this year. Although very much a contact lens person, I also do wear glasses at night and for the past few months I have been going through each pair speedily.

No, it is not because my eyesight was getting worse. It is largely thanks to my son who seemed intent on destroying each pair he came across with much glee.

So, where do I shop for my glasses? I was too busy to actually go down to the store to get new ones and decided to surf the net for solutions. Then I came across the $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses promotion online.

It is an affordable, easy and highly convenient way to buy prescription glasses! The site offers extremely funky frame designs for a variety of prescription glasses. You will get to choose from beautiful frames to go with single vision lens, sunsensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.

Given the myriad of choices, one would think it would probably cost a bomb but you'll be surprised to find that getting a pair is as affordable as say, eating out. That is because ZenniOptical made its own frames and you are actually getting the frames direct from the factory at factory prices!

This may be a sponsored post but I do genuinely like the site. So, go ahead, check out the site and you won't regret it!


More lies...

This is it.

I am officially fed up and extremely pissed.

The elections is really driving me up the wall.

Note to politicians: It is one thing to lie in order to win votes but to publicise it every few hours, every bloody day is enough to make any sane person go nuts!

So, I have had it. I am sure my countrymen (who are not politicians) are equally fed up.

In case you are curious, I am referring to the government's media blitz. Every time I switch on the radio, I bloody hear a sickening advertisement on how great the government is. It is enough to get my blood boiling and give me an immediate need to strangle the bloody government! Except that I can't do that. It would means strangling quite a lot of people including the hantus and the whatnots. Besides, I do not want to dirty my hands touching such undesirables.

Won't you get mad that the bloody irritating advertisement extols the many values and wonderful qualities of our country from the harmony and unity to the high public safety rate to the equal opportunities for all when the opposite is true?

How can there be harmony and unity when people of different races are suffering an under the surface tension which threatens to boil over at the slightest indication? How can there be unity when different racial groups nowadays mixes with only their own race more than with other races out of choice? How can there be harmony when there is blatant racial discrimination sanctioned by the government, creating vast dissatisfactions and ripples of discontent amongst the people?

And public safety... how can there be a great public safety rate with a wonderful police force (as advertised) when crime rates continue to climb? What is public safety when eight-year-olds can no longer play in a playground near their homes without being kidnapped in broad daylight? How can there be public safety when the police sometimes could not even be bothered and takes up to 30 minutes to turn up if someone did make a distress call? CCTVs only record events and images, how in the world does it prevent a murder / rape / kidnapping? Even if a policeman watching the CCTV saw a murder and immediately alerted his colleagues on the ground, does it prevent it from happening? Nope, all it does was just to inform the police that something had happened! So, what is the point? Is that public safety? Err...I don't think so.

I do not want to go into equal opportunities because it would make this entry longer than a 300-page book. If there are equal opportunities here, then, I can safely say there are purple flying elephants and blue slim pigs with angel wings running around my country.

Enough said, I think all these advertisements will only work against them because if it pisses me off, I am sure it pisses a whole load of other people too! So, what do pissed off voters do? They mark on the boxes that do not favour the advertisers of course!

Oh yeah, I recently heard a priceless joke about two of the infamous politicians here. I guess it could be applied to any politician, you only need to replace the names of the politicians. Here it is:

An elderly priest has been ill for quite a while and one day, when he knew Death is almost upon him, he told his close friend that he needed to see two people before he die.

"Who do you want to see, father? I will bring them to you," his friend asked.

"I want to see KJ and Samy Velly at the same time," was his weak reply.

His friend was puzzled but he obliged and went out of his way to contact KJ and Samy. When contacted, both men were somewhat puzzled that a dying priest had wanted to meet them before he died.

So, both of them arrived at the same time and went to the priest's room.

"I want to thank you both for coming. It really meant a lot to me," the priest told them, tears glistening in his eyes, as he gestured for them to stand next to him, one on each side of his bed.

The old priest took their hands in each of his hand and a look of contentment and utter peace settled onto this face.

Puzzled, they asked 'Father, we are wondering, why of so many people in this country, you chose to see us before you die?'

His reply...

"Our Lord Saviour Jesus died in between two lying thieves and it is an honour that I will be able to die this way too."


Politicians and lies

I am sick of politicians and politics.

Seriously, I am.

I mean how many lies can a person actually come up with? Well, after almost two weeks of tailing all sorts of politicians, let me assure you, the one main attribute of a politician is the ability to lie. Let me list out the many 'wonderful' traits of politicians I have come across in recent times (due to the elections).

1. Arrogance - Don't even let me get started on this one. Sure, sure, you were an elected representative, you hold an important government post, you represent the people, blah, blah, blah. But did you ever stop to think and reflect that you are elected by the people and you are elected to represent the people, not to turn your snotty nose into the air and act as if you are King (or Queen) of the World? Probably not.

2. Stupidity - Sad to say but it is true. Many of the politicians I met are sadly lacking in the upper floor department. I mean, it is okay if you do not know about current local issues by heart, it is even okay that you do not know what is going on in the country but you do not even know about your own constituency, could not speak a modicum of good English, could not even do your maths properly and worse of all, give speeches in horrid grammar (for whichever language) and interspersed with wrong facts. And you expect the people to elect you? I think I will pass and perhaps, I'd vote for the garbage guy who probably knows more than you.

3. Power crazy - sure, we all know that the reason you are in on this is for the power but isn't your main goal supposed to be the one to fight for the people's rights, to represent the people, to whatevercrapyouaretellingyourvoterstowinvotes? That said, why should we even vote for you when you openly display your greed for power more than your so-called sincerity in wanting to represent the people?

4. Outright lying - I know, I know, it is highly impossible to find an honest, sincere politician. But a girl can dream, can't she? I suppose there may be a few politicians who do not lie most of the time but I have yet to come across one. Why is it so difficult to tell the truth? Isn't honesty the best policy? Oh yeah, I forgot. It is the politician's policy to lie. Sorry, my bad.

5. Discrimination - whether it is intentional or a campaign tactic, I just find any form of discrimination against the elderly, the disabled, the women, the different religions and the different races extremely distasteful. Regardless of who or which political party it is you are up against, can't you keep your campaigns clean of discriminative attacks? What is your problem, anyway? Does it make you feel superior to belittle others based on their disabilities, gender, colour of their skin, age group? You may not say it outright but the double meaning slotted in between your speeches is already bad enough. So, stop!

6. Empty promises - please, please, please, stop making those empty promises. I beg you! I have had enough of all these 'I promise to give you a whole mountain of gold if you vote for me' crap. Enough is enough already. We do not want words. We want real gold, not visions of gold. Period.

7. Glorification - Okay, so you did a bit of this and a bit of that but hello, it is from using tax-payers' money isn't it? So, what's the big deal? We paid for it so it is not completely your doing at all! It is your job after all, isn't it? Why else would we vote for you? So, stop already with the glorification of what you did for us. We expect you to do it because we hired you to do it. So, there is really nothing great about it!

8. Missing in action - You have not even been elected yet (for this elections anyway) and you are pulling a fast one by disappearing really fast. Sure, elected representatives are supposed to be policy makers and not to hang around their constituency...but this is the campaigning period, isn't it? Aren't you supposed to be showing your face around instead of disappearing to God-knows where? And what's with the sending representatives to represent you? What the heck was that? Why don't you just let the representatives be the candidates? If we can't expect you to be here at this period of time, how sure are we that you will be around to listen to our grouses after you are elected?

So, there. I have many more pet peeves but I shall not list them all. It is just too long a list. Please bear in mind that I am not a supporter of any political party. I am pretty much a fence sitter and I seriously do hate politics. With a vehemence. I just find it too darn dirty and full of lies and well, dishonest.