Have you lost weight?

There is nothing more satisfying, especially when you are on a stringent diet, to have people coming up to you asking if you have lost weight!
I absolutely felt great and thin. It was not an easy task to finally have people asking me that as approximately six months before I started this diet, I get asked 'Are you pregnant again?' questions a lot! That was not good. It made me feel absolutely crappy and horrid. It made me feel bloated and when I looked in the mirror, my thighs looked bigger than an elephant's leg and let's not even talk about my butt!
Well, that is now all in the past. I just wish I could keep this weight off for good and then I am home free!
Before I embark on this dieting and exercising journey towards a slimmer me, I had a 'before' picture taken and had held off taking the 'after' picture for quite a while. Perhaps it is now time for me to do so.
I can just imagine the difference of both pictures. The before with me slouching, thighs thick, hips wide, arms flabby and tummy protruding. The 'after' of me would be a slender stranger with a flat tummy, slim thighs and small waist with just curvy hips. Yep, I am gonna look like a regular model, I am!
Well...ok...maybe my tummy is not so flat and my thighs not so slim but I am certain it must have shrunk since I started this diet! Darn it, all those weeks of less chocolates must account for something!
Oh well, at least, my collarbones are showing and my wedding ring is really loose. That is a good sign, no? Sigh...the loose skin on my tummy will probably be there to stay unless I have a tummy tuck but at least it is not bulging anymore. weight? It's been stuck at my threshold weight for awhile and I have decided to be satisfied with it for now. I mean, I don't want to end up too skinny. All the chocolate companies will close down if they lost one of their loyal customers, ME! Heh heh.
Gotta go. I have to find a great pose for my 'after' picture. And NO, I will not post it here. Not unless if I absolutely look like a swimsuit model or something.

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