Where to get inspiration to blog

I blog on a daily basis on my various blogs (although not as often as I'd like in this blog) and sometimes, I do go blank and don't know what to blog about. It is not because I am really out of ideas but more like I had 'forgotten' most of what I planned to blog earlier.

It happens a lot. This could be due to having to keep track with so many blogs and since I write in different styles in those blogs, sometimes, my writing styles sorta gets mixed up. And sometimes, I get so overwhelmed that I don't know what I wanted to blog about. Yep, bloggers also get writers block.

One thing about blogging, we have to be consistent. I noticed that ever since I lagged behind in this blog (four months to be exact!!), traffic has slowed to almost non-existent. That is really not good.

What good is a blog if no one wants to read it, right?

So, what do I do to get started?

Here are some tips on how I get about plunking out five to six blog posts each day:

1. Browse and read other blogs for ideas but DO NOT COPY because that's plagiarism.

2. Read the news for funny ideas you can blog about

3. Draw on your own recent experience which you think is great to share with your readers

4. Check out social networking sites like stumble upon, digg, etc for the current 'hot' topics

5. Get a writing buddy / blogging buddy to help out by exchanging some ideas

6. Worse comes to worse, take part in one of those memes which is fun and also a great way to meet tonnes of other bloggers (and add traffic to your site!)

Best of luck getting some inspiration to blog and happy blogging!


Missing in action for four months..

I feel so darn guilty about neglecting this blog for so many is almost as if I had quite forgotten all about it.

Of course, it is always in the back of my mind, nagging me, reminding me that this is my first ever consistent blog, that is until I became quite inconsistent in recent months, this year to be exact.

The reasons for that is simple. I have started several other new blogs. I now have a food blog and another socio-political, bitchy, rant-filled blog and a more localised blog on where I stay. You can check out my food blog at The Food Site. It is a blog reviewing places to eat and also with recipes and sometimes, some trivia on foods we eat each day.

I had half a mind to get rid of this blog and realised that I did not have the heart to do it. It has been around for me for quite a long while already so it is very much like a good friend to me. I can't possibly cast this aside just because I have, er, feelings (??) and good memories with this blog.

So, yep. I am keeping this blog and I will try to post at least an entry a week just to keep things going. This blog will be all about my writing projects, the finished and unfinished ones...

So, till then!