The bookworm that I am

Fantasy, romance, mysteries, thrillers, children's fiction, erotica, court thrillers, women's fiction , magazines, comics, graphic novels, ebooks, blogs and the occasional autobiography.
These are the types of reading materials that used to keep me occupied for hours on end and though my tiny little library at home is packed and overflowing with books, the only thing I miss the most after having LR is having the luxury to sit down with a good book for hours.
Admittedly, my passion for books is still strong and I still continue to cram my bookcase (which is my library, by the way) with new books. Sadly, many of these books are untouched and waiting to be read.
After LR, our lives have been thrown upside down and our schedules pretty out of whack. Instead of having tonnes of time by ourselves, Steve and I now have to share our time with LR. Cute and darling as LR is, I miss those solitude times for myself. Gone are the days when I could spend a whole evening just curl up on the sofa devouring the latest book I bought.
Now, the books I read are picture books and pop-up books during bedtime for LR. Just like his mommy, LR has picked up a passion for books and though he can't read, he recognized all the animals / creatures in his books. In my books shopping sprees, I have picked up a new habit of browsing through picture books to look for beautifully and colourfully illustrated ones for LR.
Gone are the days when I am found in the fiction section of the bookstore looking for the latest Nicholas Sparks bestseller or Mary Higgins Clark's new thriller or Nora Roberts' romance books or Kay Scarpetta's new cases by Cromwell or even a John Grisham's courtroom drama.
I used to read a variety of authors ranging from detective to horror to children's fiction. I also love Enid Blyton and Diana Wynne Jones. Whatever book which I find interesting, I would buy.
Sigh..if only I have enough time. I have been reading a children's fiction book for the past few months and till today, the bookmark is stubbornly stuck in the middle of the book. I wonder when I shall ever have the time to finish that book and move on to another book. Let's not even talk about the dozens of ebooks I bought and is stored in my laptop unopened.


Lorelei said...

Hi there! I enjoyed reading about your reading woes... I went through the same thing when my little one was young, and then went through it again when I went back to school to finish my degree. Now that I'm done, I'm in reading heaven! I have 52 books on my shelf waiting to be read. I'm enjoying going through them one by one... :)

Nyla said...

Hi lorelei,
thanks for dropping by my blog. I am sure I will be able to read as many books as I want once LR gets older.

awannabe said...

What's bad is when you take the little one to the library and they are eager to look at the children's books, but when it comes your turn to browse the grown up books, the little one suddenly becomes bored and throws tantrums. (sigh)

Don't worry, you'll have time for reading someday again.