Sad news means bad news

In recent times, I have had to cover really sad incidents involving accidental deaths and murders.

Much as there is a misconception that journalists enjoyed harassing victims and family members of victims in such sad incidents, I would like to take a stand to say that I hated it.

I hated it with all my heart and soul. There is nothing I hate more than to intrude into a suffering or grieving person's personal space just to get a story.

Unfortunately, I do not have a say in these things. Since I have to earn a living and I have to take orders from my editors for the sake of a paycheck each month, I had no choice but to follow orders.

Though this may not make me an award-winning, great journalist, I still totally live by my own principles and standards. I feel that each grieving person have a right to privacy. They have a right to grief in their homes, out of the limelight and harsh glare of the media. They have a right to refused to entertain the media and slam the doors in their faces.

I have had countless doors slammed in my face and often, I do not take offense at all. (though I had to scramble for excuses to give my editor when I return to the office empty handed.)

Recently, there was a murder case of a little girl. Though I do not know her family, it greatly pained me to go knocking on their doors in an attempt to get a story while they are still grappling with the idea that the girl is gone. Again, it is orders from the editors and as the way it works in the company I worked for, there is no saying 'No' to the bosses.

Sometimes I just hope to God that such things won't happen at all. That little girls are safe from harm even in their own homes, that horrid accidents do not happen, that there are no humans capable of hurting others out there. It may mean less sensational stories for newspapers but hey, I'd prefer less human suffering to an award winning story on the suffering of another human being.

I may be a journalist by chance but it is not my calling in life. It is not something I loved and would die doing. It is just another job to pay the bills. So, I refused to be a vulture. I refused to feed on the suffering of others for a sensational story. It is just plain inhuman.

Note: I am not hitting out at any other journalists or pretending to represent all journalists. I am just stating my own principles and opinions.

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