TT # 5

Having successfully lost about 20lbs in the past year, I have gathered a few things I do to lose the unwanted weight. I still have another 6 to 10lbs to lose to reach my ideal weight but I am certain I could do it! Thirteen things I do to keep on my diet:

1) Walks - I go for a 30 minute brisk walk in the mornings to be followed by 5 to 10 minutes of floor exercise.

2) Meal replacement shakes- I could not do if I had to stick to a diet plan by only cooking healthy meals as I hardly have time to cook and since I work outside the home, it is not possible to have home cooked meals all the time. So, I rely on meal replacement shakes by Shapeworks (Herbalife) for breakfast and dinner. For lunch, I prepare simple sandwiches.

3) Water - I load up on plenty of liquids, mainly plain water, to keep hydrated and the hunger away.

4) healthy, protein rich or high fibre snacks - To satisfy my munching habits, I stick to healthy choices of carrots, celery, soya bean nuts (from Shapeworks), a handful of almonds or peanuts.

5) Fruits and vegetables - On days when I am home and sick of taking a shake for dinner, I will load up on fruits and vegetables for dinner instead.

6) Chocolates - unbelievable as it may seem, I do indulge in some chocolates once every few days but in moderation. It is so that I do not build up a strong craving for the sinful heavenly dessert and go on a binge.

7) Family support - no diet will be successful if your family members do not offer the appropriate support. It is thanks to my husband's support that I managed to lose all the weight.

8) Weight loss coach - family support aside, having an expert in weight loss on hand to give advise and the appropriate prodding on exercise and food intake does wonders to keep me on the beaten path.

9) Research - I did not follow any of the popular fad diets so I did a lot of research on all the diets, healthy foods, exercises and such so that I could formulate a diet and exercise regime that suits my lifestyle.

10) Blogging - instead of turning to food whenever I am down or stressed, I blog and pour out my feelings and frustrations.

11) My toddler - Little Ray is now almost two and caring for him after work could be counted as part of my exercise regime! I never knew little toddlers could run so fast!

12) Entertainment - I keep myself occupied, when Little Ray has gone to sleep, by reading and watching movies on the TV so that I do not think about food. The hardest is of course, keeping away from the snacks when watching movies.

13) Work - My workday could sometimes be very hectic. At times, I hardly have time to breath much less stop for a lunch break so my work has somehow helped me stay off munching on junkfood all day! But I do not skip meals as it would slow down my metabolic rate so I would often munch on a wholemeal healthy sandwich for lunch.

There it is! It is not exactly a sure-fire way to lose all those unwanted weight fast but at least it worked for me!

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WendyWings said...

Good luck with your weight loss goals :)
Happy TT day to you.

Xakara said...

I went with walking for weightloss too. I took off 100lbs and I'm still going strong.

The key was having a pedometer and being able to step goals every day. Having tangible proof of my efforts made it all seem real.

Also, learning from web research and infomercials believe it or not. I saw how successful Walk Away The Pounds was, looked it up and began my own walking in place program. I used it to turn my most sedentary time of day--at the computer--into a way to get in more steps and keep up a calorie burn.

I can even type and walk to music at the same time. ;)

Congrats and good luck on the last leg of your journey.

Please follow the link below rather than the one up top. :)


Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, some really good suggestions. Congrats on the 20 pounds.