Caring for an active toddler

If I was not already on a diet and exercising to melt away the unwanted weight, I would probably complain endlessly on how I never get to sit down quietly for a full five minutes during the weekends when I am home alone with my active toddler.
It turns out my toddler is really good for my health. Running after him, chasing him around the house, struggling with him to get him out of the tub (he loves taking baths and always fought to stay in the tub longer), trying to cook while keeping an eye on him, taking him out for evening walks and the playground...all these activities actually do help. Before I know it, I have lost a few more inches without really trying although the weight is still stagnant at 130lbs.
Before having Ray, I never knew kids could be so full of energy and let's not get into his strong pair of lungs! Boy, he may just be a toddler and barely three feet tall but could he shout!
My poor husband lost about 20lbs without even trying after our son was born. But then, my husband is blessed with wonderfully cooperative genes which kept him slender at all times no matter what and how much he ate. He actually had to work hard to put on weight. Sigh...some people are just so lucky.
But I digress. Back to my sweet cute li'l Ray. He is growing up so fast that I could hardly believe it. I mean the stretch marks and pregnancy weight are still evident but my son is already running around and spouting words like 'airhplane', 'tiger', 'cat - meow', 'dog dog' and some such words.
It is amazing how time flies.

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