The colour of envy

Is definitely...

1) Red - for leaving me angry with myself for letting this insidious monster break out and slink into my subconcious

2) Black - for putting me down in the dumps over my still unachieved goals and dreams

3) Green - for the insidious envy monster rearing its ugly head to breathe its tepid foul breath down my neck

4)Orange - for the interchangeable emotions between anger and envy and guilt and elation for the person who succeeded

5)Grey - for the resulting immense guilt

6)Blue - for the tiny hint of hope that comes...perhaps I too will someday be the object of other's monsters

7)White -for the peace that comes once the monster has been defeated

p/s: Please note that the writing of this post did not in any way harmed any humans, animals or babies in the process.

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