Thursday Thirteen

This week, I list 13 things that I wish do not exist, in no particular order :

1) Wars - frankly, more innocent women and children are killed in wars just because some politician wants more power/money/ fame.

2) Crooked power hungry politicians - Leaders are meant to look out for the welfare of the people under them, not to bully, cheat, kill and bluff their way into positions of power.

3) obsessive, controlling, annoying in-laws - okay, okay, we all know nobody really ever get along with their in-laws but why aren't there more wonderful, understanding, irritating-free in-laws in this world?

4) Famine - sometimes I feel darn guilty gulping down the last delicious morsel of a wonderful meal when somewhere, someone is dying of starvation.

5) Natural disasters - this includes earthquakes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods, tsunamis, etc.

6) Taxes - don't we all wish that we do not have to pay any form of taxes ever again because the government has finally came out with a formula to make its own money to sustain the whole country and its residents.

7) Fatal diseases - cancer, heart disease, AIDS, bird flu...and many more, it is sad that many more people are dying from all these diseases as compared to people who die in, say, a plane crash.

8) Bosses from hell - these entirely different group of humans are convinced they owned the souls of their employees to the point that their employees must be at their beck and call no matter what. (This is based on research, it has nothing whatsoever to do with my bosses. Really. Honest.)

9) Violence against women and children - rapes, incest, abuse and all manners of assault is happening on a daily basis on mothers, babies, little girls, teenagers, sisters and even grandmothers. The perpetrators should be tied to a post, stripped, douched in honey, covered in big giant fire ants before they are castrated (for rapists) and locked up forever in some god-forsaken place.

10) Men who thinks they are God's gift to humankind - like, hello???? They should be locked in with the perps above! Well, just saying.

11) Rude, incompetent drivers - whose f*&^ing idea is it to allow absolute nincompoops behind the wheels who do not know how to use the signal lights, do not know which lane to keep to and insist on driving at 10mph in the middle of the bloody road? I think my grandma walks faster than these drivers.

12) Viruses and bugs - no, not the ones that attack humans. The ones that incapacitated our beloved electronic companions which range from PDAs to notebooks to apples to personal computers.

13) Calories - how many times have dieters like me fall off the diet wagon thanks to the calories of our food intake? If only chocolates, cakes and ice creams do not have calories.....sigh

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WendyWings said...

I have to agree with this list whole heartdely, have a good Thursday, a bit early yet lol.