Oh, my aching bones!

It is not often that I have to travel far in my line of work but due to a huge, horrid incident a few days ago, I had to travel to another state due to orders from higher up.
Driving long distance was never a favourite pastime of mine as I always get sleepy after a few hours on the expressway and we all know it is not very conducive to drive while sleeping.
I am glad that I managed to travel to and fro in the past two days safe and sound and in one piece. Other than looking wiser from its travels, my car is also in one piece, happily beaming at other cars in the carpark over his latest 'adventure' out-of-state, no doubt bragging about how he skilfully manoeuvred the hairpin turns despite having a woman driver. (Despite what everyone says that cars should be referred to as females, my car is definitely a 'he'!)
Yesterday, little Ray is also a tad in, he clung to me for hours on end and do not want to let go. Perhaps he misses me and it was so sweet that I actually didn't mind carrying him around the house. poor aching back from the hours of tender loving moments do not seem to like it one bit.
So, thanks to the marathon driving and carrying a toddler, my whole body is aching. Must be age catching up, I used to be able to do all sorts of physical activities without the slightest complain from any parts of my body. Hmm....fountain of youth, where are you?

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