Male chauvinism and sexism

This is definitely a man's world we are living in and despite much progress women have made in this age and time, there are still total idiotic cavemen out there who thought women are merely there to produce children, cook and clean, nothing else, nothing more.

It is this cavemen thinking that is the root cause of violence against women such as rapes, sexual harassment and other sexual crimes. Many of the perpetrators thought nothing of women and therefore have no respect for women at all to commit such heinous crimes against women and children.

There is no one to blame except for society and the way they raise these beasts who eventually thought they have a right to commit any crime against women.

However, my recent encounter with such a caveman almost had me publicly assaulting a public figure. This chauvinistic poor excuse for a male specimen is actually a politician of high standing with sexist views and absolute chauvinistic mentality.

Recently, he publicly blamed women as the cause for sexual crimes against women.

"It is the way they dressed. Women nowadays are revealing too much in their skimpy attire, creating lusts in men who sees them," he said.

He went on to say that as a man himself, he too felt lustful after seeing a skimpily clothed woman in a shopping mall but 'fortunately, he is able to control his lust'.

When accused of being sexist by making such a remark, this idiot dared to deny that he was belittling women with his statement.

He went on to say that he has all the respect for women but only had objections to the current fashion fad of skimpy attire.

"I am not at all sexist," he claimed.

His righteous tone and firm believe that women's dressing is the root cause for sexual crimes is enough for me to commit violence against the idiot. He should be so glad that I am able to 'control' my feelings.

What is this world coming into if there are men like this holding high political positions? I also found out that this same man also sits in some counselling board or other. I just could not imagine how such a total buffoon could be a counsellor? What if a rape victim or sexual crime victim were to approach him for counselling and he started blaming the poor victim and telling her that she brought it onto herself?

He might as well blame jewelry stores that were robbed for displaying their wares. After all, the stores are submitting passersby to temptations of the glittery kind every day and there are bound to be those who can't control themselves. It weren't the robbers' fault at all!

Is there any logic in this at all? Sometimes I really wonder why men like this still exist.


RichSexistPiggie said...
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SS said...

I don't mean to hurt you girl, but the politician actually said the right thing.