TT Number Three!

This week, my entry is going to be Thirteen mundane things I do every morning...

1) Wake up at crack of dawn due to an internal clock which won't quit!

2) Brush teeth, wash face and check on baby to make sure he is still sleeping soundly

3) Tiptoe around the house so as not to wake both baby and hubby

4) Go for my morning exercise which involves 20 minutes of brisk walking, 15 minutes of climbing stairs and 20 minutes of floor exercises.

5) Wake hubby who never wakes up early on his own

6) Feed baby who is awake by now and toddling around the house, destroying everything in his path...(okay, it was more like strewing his toys all over the house and shredding bits of paper and tissue he can get his hands on)

7) Keep an eye on baby and keep him occupied while hubby sleepily prepares breakfast (we take turns to prepare breakfast but he often ended up doing it...)

8) Switch the cellphone on to check for any urgent SMS from the office

9) Eat breakfast while chasing baby who had managed to grab the cellphone and was running around the house with a cheeky glint in his eyes intending to throw the thing out the window

10) Frantically get ready for work

11) Get baby ready to drop him off at the babysitter's

12) Make sure everything is locked/switched off/kept in its proper place before leaving the house

13) Drop baby off at the babysitter's and drive like an F1 driver to reach the office on time

This is the boring routine of my life but next week, hopefully, I will have something more exciting to TT about!

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