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When you are freelancing, it is often quite difficult to find great sites with freelance writing resources, jobs, gigs or merely to connect others in the same situation as you. It is usually very nice to connect with other writers, bloggers or freelancers who are struggling (or successfully) earning a living through the skilled art of writing.

I've been going around quite a lot of websites and blogs and joined quite a few writing communities (which I barely have time to even participate most of the time) and here are some freelance writing resources which I found in my course of gallivanting around the web.

1. - This site offers writing tips and posts very frequent writing gigs or jobs available for freelancers or even those looking for full time writing jobs. However, some of the jobs posted are sourced from other sites such as Craigslist.

2. - This site also offers articles on writing and tips. It also has a job board and again, some of these are sourced from other sites such as

3. - This is basically a forum for writers to connect and exchange tips and experiences. The good part is that there is also a job board to check out freelance writing gigs.

4. - This is a blog on writing with posts about writing and everything about writing!

5. - This is mostly a job board with full time to telecommuting to freelance writing gigs of all types.

6. - This is another blog by a writer who sometimes posts job opportunities but mostly his posts are on writing and tips.

7. - Another site with more writing tips and the occasional jobs.

8. - This blog offers quite a lot of complete writing tips for freelance, fiction or non-fiction, so it is really a great place to hone your writing skills.

Hope you learn quite a few tips from these sites. Enjoy and most importantly, continue writing!

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