SEO tips

Any blogger or webmaster worth his salt knows all about SEO and its importance to get his website or blog high up in the search engines. After all, without being highly visible to the public, it is not that easy to get random traffic without the search engines ranking.

So, I am sharing with you some of my SEO tips. I may not be an expert but I've learnt quite a bit about it and just providing tips that I personally use:

1. When you write the blog post or article, do always choose with a keyword you plan to optimize. Say, you want to optimize the word 'SEO tips' like this blog post.

2. You start your post with the keyword within the title.

3. You also insert the keyword into the post, preferably once in the first paragraph, once in the middle and last one in the final paragraph.

4. It is important to remember not to overdo it and use the keyword for every sentence because the search engines may think this is not a real post but one to cheat them.

5. Even the tags for you post must have the keyword

6. Finally, remember to keep the post real, logical and something a real person would appreciate reading and not full of gibberish to 'cheat' the search engines because traffic are real people and if you want them to keep coming back, offer them something they like and chances are they will keep coming back if they really like it!

I hope my SEO tips is useful to you. Since I am far from a pro-blogger and still learning the tricks of the trade, it is just something I learned as I blog along.