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13 things to look out for when searching of work at home opportunities

The past few weeks, I have been browsing through hundreds (if not thousands) of sites to do research on work at home opportunities. After clicking on one too many ads proclaiming that it is a 'legitimate' work at home opportunity, I have learned a lot about online scams. So I have come up with a list of the top 13 lines these scam sites liked to use to draw unsuspecting people in.

1) 'Make $200 - $3000 and more per day!' - we all know it is never that easy to make so much money.

2) 'Simple online surveys. $ 5 - $75 each or more' - online surveys are not all that profitable.

3) 'Part-time work, $150 an hour' - again, if it is that easy to make that kind of money, there would be a lot of millionaires in this world.

4) 'This is not a scam but a legitimate work at home business' - if it is really legitimate why announce it and insist that it is not really a scam?

5) 'Start making money in just 15 minutes' - Might as well go buy a lottery ticket if you have money to throw away.

6) 'Not earning money with clickbank? We will pay you more' - and we will cheat you of your hard-earned money so that we can become rich! (between the lines)

7) 'Steps to making millions in a short time' - such as coming up with scam-sites like ours...(between the lines)

8) 'Top ten secrets to making money online' - this is often offered free and once you click on that link, they will offer you some information which can easily be found with proper research online and lure you into purchasing some other e-book with similar sounding and tempting names such as 'Make a million dollars now', etc.

9) 'Earning money easily online, increase your profits' - and give us your money so that we will earn the easy money. (between the lines)

10) 'Fire your boss and earn immediate income' - don't do it because you may never see the promised 'immediate' income.

11) 'Double and triple your investments in days' - need I say more?

12) 'Make money just by reading emails' - HAH! A good one. Paid emails are not all it's made out to be and yes, you may get a few bucks or so but that's it. No millions rolling into your account just because you read some measly emails.

13) 'Free money making website' - nothing is free in this world. EVERYTHING comes with a cost so wise up.

So there it is. There are thousands of variations to the lines I mentioned and I could not possibly mention all of it. Even the lines I mentioned are not exact words from any scam sites, just the gist of the lines used by scam sites. So do be careful when in search of the pot of gold under the rainbow. It is better to wake up and remember that there is no pot of gold no matter what you were told.

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pussreboots said...

Good luck with your search. Happy TT

Lorelei said...

We've had a friend who found lots of success through It's a lot of work, but you can do it from home!