Blogging for money through PPP

I discovered another great way to make money online and though it may not be much but it is good enough to generate a little income.

I am talking about PayPerPost. It is a marketplace where bloggers or posties are paid to write about a product or service by an advertiser in their blogs.

It is in fact a win-win situation for advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers will get the exposure needed for their business while bloggers get paid doing what they do best, blog!

I actually joined PPP quite a while back but my blog was not approved as my blog did not meet the minimum blog entries requirements. I signed up to try it out because I read about it in another blog and thought, hey, why not. It is free to sign-up and I have nothing to lose.

Though I have yet to earn anything from it yet considering my blog was only recently approved, I am sure, if I check out the PPP marketplace and blog more often, I may earn some side income.

It may not amount to much but a few extra bucks is better than nothing, huh? Hopefully, it would pay for, at the very least, lunch and dinner. Of course, if I am able to earn more than lunch money, it would be great way for me to save up enough savings to quit my job and fully immerse myself into working from home.

An example of how it works is this very post. I am actually paid to write about PPP. Isn't it wonderful? All I need to do to get some side income is to blog!

If you want to earn some side income (there is no promises of earning millions here!!), go on over to PPP and check it out by clicking blog reviews.


Anonymous said...

I don't qualify for PPP yet as my blog is not yet 90 days old (though it sure feels like it sometimes!). I should qualify towards the end of this month and I plan on taking advantage of some of their offers! Good luck to you!


Nyla said...

Deborah: Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am sure you will definitely qualify for PPP soon.
Good luck to you too!