TT # 6 of all things I love!

In light of all the negativity floating around and daily violence and sufferings reported in the news, I decided to chase away all this dark, dark things with wonderful, beautiful thoughts of things I love!

Things I absolutely love, love, love (in no particular order)!

1) Beautiful sunshiny days with blue skies, cool breezes and absolutely fresh pollution-free air. Nothing beats great weather with cool crisp refreshing air when I go for my morning walks.

2) Little Ray may not be a 'thing' but more of a person but I so do adore and absolutely love him to bits.

3) Darling Steve is the light of my life and the one who kept our apartment spick and span. How could I not love him? *g* Seriously, he is my soul mate and I do not know what I would do with myself without him in my life!

4) Generous people who do not think twice about helping out a poor soul along the way either by way of donations or some thoughtful gestures.

5) Cute furry pets from dogs to cats to hamsters...I am an animal lover who can't go through life without a pet! Now we can only keep fishes due to Little Ray's allergic problems with dog fur and though we did not get rid of my poor silky terrier, Arthur, he had to be 'relocated' to my inlaws' place.

6) Lazy quiet days at home with nary a thing to do except to lay on the sofa all day curled up with a good book and a box of choc truffles... with Little Ray around, that hardly happens but I do get some quiet moments when he is sleeping.

7) The wonderful music of nature from birds singing in the mornings to the chirping of crickets at night never fail to enthrall me with the wonders of nature.

8) Chocolates - HAH! Thought I forgot this sinful yet delightful dessert?? No way. How could I leave out the food from heaven, the source of all my salivating moments, the wonderful, mouthwatering confection of my dreams?

9) Ice cream - now, I could not mention chocolate without mentioning ice cream, could I? These cool creamy sweet creations are a favourite of mine on hot sweaty days.

10) My tiny little balcony turned into a small Balinese-style garden complete with a pond, a fountain, goldfishes and potted green plants. I never tire of admiring and enjoying my 'garden' though it is a tad unkempt nowadays with leaves everywhere....

11) Books, books and more books...I could not live without books. Seriously. I can live without TV but if you take away my books, I would probably shrivel up and die! Oh, it also includes ebooks.

12) A baby/ child's laughter...there is nothing so beautiful, so innocent and so absolutely heart-melting than to hear a young child laugh. I loved to make Little Ray laugh as his bright, bubbly laughter never failed to cheer me up.

13) A good 'wow' story which can be touching, suspenseful, sad, happy, romantic, horrific or just plain fun. This can be presented in the form of a movie, a play, a book or ebook but it has to be well told and has the factor to keep me 'gripped' till the very end.

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