Fresh new image!

I got bored with the old template for this blog and decided to change it. I initially intended to create my own template but since work is still piling up to rival the tallest tower on earth, I decided to just use any available template in blogger.
This one looks pretty simple and I kinda like its design so here it is. There has been some changes in my life and I guess I have long since come to terms with it and go with the flow.
There were moments of darkness, regrets and deep pain but it is now all in the past. There is a silver lining in every stormy cloud, I am sure of it. I have already glimpsed the silver lining and hopefully it won't be long before I actually felt it!
Anyhow, despite changes in the way my life is heading and the workload, things are working out quite fine for me.
But I cannot say the same for the rest of the world as is testified by the daily front-page news of carnage, evil, murder, rapes, violence, cruelty...sigh. I never liked reading the newspapers when I was young (because it was boring to a teenager) but even as I grow up and started working (in the media line, no less!) I still detested reading the newspapers for an entirely different set of reasons.
The daily news of human's cruelty against their own kind is not what I call great fun reading. It was downright depressing. If I had any choice at all, I would never pick up another newspaper ever again except to browse the comics section. But I don't have a choice. A journalist must always be ahead of the news and that includes reading the major newspapers here.

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