I've been bitten!

After being holed up for days with the thick HP7 tome and getting to the happily ever after, I emerged into the world blurry eyed and found that I have been bitten by the lethargic bug!
It is highly dangerous as it rendered me practically boneless, aimless, lazy and totally unproductive! Thus, the lack of attention to posts in this blog...err...more like lack of posts in this blog in recent times.
This lethargic bug is in fact almost invisible to the human eye and almost often struck when you least expect it.
Its after-effects are disastrous. You will suddenly curl up in a ball with no desire to do anything but sleep and just lay there doing nothing. When hunger strikes, you only crave for the ultra sinful of chocolates and ice cream. You will wince at the thought of having to chew at all especially vegetables!
As for any other form of activities, it has all been reduced to nothing, nada, zilch. Going to work is highly impossible as you will be so boneless you could hardly get around.
And if you do manage to get to work, you will find your brain is no better than mulch and your productivity level is below that of a one-day-old newborn baby.
You will not be able to think rationally and all efforts to get you to work will result in you snapping at the offending specimen who dared to encroach into your personal space to make you work.
The only cure is to vegetate in front of the tv for hours on end until the infection clears up. So far, no modern medicine can negate the effects of this bug bite. There are no antibiotics, no anti-serum, no vaccine.
So, beware! It is unknown how the bug choses its victims but please, do not blame Harry Potter. After all he had to contend with Nargles and the likes of Voldemort.

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