Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

It is finally OUT! I have the much-awaited book in my tight grasp and despite my earlier impatience to get my hands on it, I find myself reading it slowly, somewhat reluctantly.
It is the last book after all and it finally sank in that this will be the last of Harry Potter (no, I don't mean last as in dead), the last of magical spellbinding journeys in Hogwarts.
From what I have read so far, Rowling focuses much on discrimination in this final book. Far from it being racial or religious, she cleverly uses discrimination against Mudbloods and muggle-born wizards.
It struck a familiar chord as racial and religious discrimination is very much real in the real world. People are still being discriminated against because of their skin colour and their religious beliefs despite what all the governments in the world advocates.
I do think that she intend her readers to read between the lines and learn the lessons there, that discrimination against a person just because he or she does not fit into one group or another is downright cruel.
But then, we all know life is never fair. Good does not always triumph over evil (again, not in reference to the book!). Politicians are never honest. Ministers are often crooks. Hogwarts and Harry Potter are just a clever author's creations.
I have only read a quarter of the book and though it is still good, the pace is fast but the draw is not there. The spell that kept me glued to it was not there. Sure, there is the suspense of uncovering answers to 'what happens to Harry' and 'will the prophecy be fulfilled?' and the great Snape debate but other than that...hmmm...let's just hope it gets better.

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