To blog or not?

Just a day ago I typed a really long blog on romance and sex and clicked on the 'publish' button as usual.
Of all the irritating, annoying, confounded thing to happen, an error message popped up and when I refreshed the page, the whole thing is gone, zilch, disappeared into the strange workings of cyberspace.
Now, I am not an IT whiz and though I like playing and fiddling with all these modern tech gadgets and stuff, it doesn't mean I really know what I am doing, that includes fiddling with the world wide web and everything to do with it.
Even this blogging business, I created a few blogs years ago and until now, I am sure the blogs have met other blogs, mated and created other blogs on their own with grandbloggies and greatgrandbloggies, all without any intervention on my side.
Yep, I am definitely guilty of totally abandoning my blogs which only have a few posts and are probably dead and have turned into cyberdust by now.
I just find it troublesome to log on, type a few thoughts of the day and click on the orange button to find that
a) by the powers of cyberspace, some error had occurred and the 30 odd minutes I spent typing down whatever mostly-unread-boring opinions I have are wasted because it has disappeared into space
b) the post was published but strangely was riddled with misspelled words, typo errors and made me sound horridly stupid and emptyheaded.
So, I deleted those blogs after awhile and decided that I am not made to be a blogger after all. Then why again, now, you ask? Well, I have always have this dream to be a published author and though I have loads of novels in progress stored safely in my laptop, I never got around to completing these works and are always complaining to my good email friend, Nick, about my lack of courage to actually complete the manuscripts and start sending queries to publishers.
"Why not start a blog?" he had suggested.
Naturally, I was very reluctant and instead, accused him of trying to fend me off to the unknown blogging world so that I would stop whining to him in my emails to him.
Somehow, the idea took hold and insidiously began to grow and without going into the nitty gritty details, I found myself actually blogging, again!
Now, blogging is actually fun despite the fact that nobody except for yours truly and another blogger actually read my blogs. I mean the anonymity is fun, I can rant and rave about my immediate 'licenced to shout at subordinates' superior without fearing being caught or penalised.
Sadly, there are bloggers being sued for defamation and libel nowadays. Nobody can voice their opinions about anything anymore these days. A well known blogger in my country was brought to court for some comments he made about someone. Of course a lot of his fans and other bloggers cry foul over the suit. After all, he was only voicing his opinions, not accusing the person of some crime or anything.
Being a blogger is not so much fun anymore. Suddenly there are suggestions and legislations and proposals everywhere to regulate what bloggers are posting in their sites and many are pressing for responsible blogging. Talk about stifling creativity!
Though I am not out to defame anyone, I feel that too many people are just plain too serious by taking blogs much too seriously. Blogs are just personal opinions by individuals. Heck, some are just downright recounting of figments of the bloggers' imagination!
Though some misuse blogs to defame and cause serious harm to others, I am sure most are like me, innocently venting out to clear the heavy load of stress on our shoulders.
Just like rumours, all blogs should be read with a pinch of salt and if it is unpleasant to you, just close it, never go back to it and go find something else to read!

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Yes -- I can't stop myself from chocolate. Great list.