Tis the season to be...

down with the flu complete with fever, blocked nose and raspy coughing judging from the two very sick males in my household.

It has been a fairly stressful time for me what with my boss away on her Christmas leave and I am left to man the fort, so to speak. If that is not bad enough, both my husband and baby fell sick and I suddenly got an additional job of playing nurse to them.

Believe me, when a grown man fell sick, it is much much much worse than a sick baby. He would practically be like a baby, sniveling and moaning and generally acting as if he could fall dead on his feet any minute - not that he could even get on his feet from the way he was going on and on about how he can't walk, can't eat, can't breath properly, etc.

As for LR, he is a real trooper. Despite having a high temperature, he is as active as ever. The only difference is that he tends to be more clingy, expects more cuddles, wants to be held most of the time, tires easily and gets cranky easily because he does not like to get tired so easily.
He does not even act as if he is down with the flu.

So, to cope with all this stress, it is fortunate that my best buddy in the whole wide world is here to comfort me during those lonely nights of keeping vigil over them while surfing through freelancing job boards.

Who is my best buddy? Why the very wonderful euphoria-inducing, delectable, mouth-watering, satisfying, sinful chocolate of course! Who else? Luckily, even with two people in my house down with the flu, I escaped the misery although in the escape process, I managed to add on some padding to my hips thanks to those forays into the fridge for dear old choccie...

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