Make money fast!

Don't ever trust flashing ads with titles like this. More often than not it is a scam!

In my search for work at home opportunities, I have come across a lot of sites with similar themes ranging from ' easy money by spending only an hour a day online' or 'earn between $200 - $700' each day just by filling out forms' or 'become a millionaire by cashing in on this XXX system' or something like that.

These sites often offer very tempting deals with discounts and offers and even a money back guarantee. They promise earnings beyond your dreams ranging from a few hundred dollars a day to millions per month. Tempting as it may sound to just fill in surveys or enter data and make loads of cash, remember not to fall for it as there is no such thing as free money.

Trust me on this. Do not ever fall for any of their tempting offers.

I took a chance and subscribed to one of these and found that it is nothing but a scam with only a list of survey sites to sign in to. Most of these survey sites do not even pay cash. Some offer special draws and the prizes may not even be cash while some which do pay cash, pay less than $10! The surveys are not even that frequent!

There are also plenty of sites selling ebooks which purportedly teach you how to get around the affiliates system and earn thousands by applying the system. Though I have not actually tried it, I believe it is also another scam. The only person making thousands is the person selling the ebook and duping others to pay between $20 an $120 to download the ebook.

So, I have come to a conclusion that all those flashing ads with tempting headlines are mostly scams.

The only legitimate way of earning an income is to do freelance work online, joining good affiliates programs, joining good pay per click ads program such as Google Adsense, taking part in free online blog writing sites which offer minimal payments for each blog entry and some of the pay per post programs.

I have decided to stick to offering freelance writing services. I have since found several online job boards and have put in bids for freelance jobs. Although I have yet to get any jobs, I am certain I will be able to get to a day when I can earn enough doing freelancing work to be able to quit my day job.

So, if you need any writing job done (which includes articles, blogging, features, short stories, fiction, creative writing), feel free to contact me and I will forward you a quote.

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