TT # 8

The ways to refrain from causing physical harm on another person

In my line of work and also in my personal life, I have come across really annoying people whom I would like nothing better than to bash his/her face into a bloody pulp but instead, I am forced to smile and be polite to them. In order to do that (the smile and be polite part, not the bashing part), I do these:

1) Take a deep breath

2) Tuck both hands deep into my pockets (if any) to make it harder for me to raise my hands, or else link it behind me

3) Take two to three steps away from the offending person

4) Count to ten to let the anger cool

5) Think of the horrible conditions in jail and how I do not want to end up there because of the offending person in front of me

6) Solve a complex mathematical problem in my head (since I am lousy in Maths, this could take me hours and will have me forgetting how offending the person is within seconds)

7) Think of all those starving, poverty stricken people in the world (to put me in a 'softer' but sad mood)

8) Think up 100 ways to torture the offending person

9) Actually picture the 100 ways of torturing the offending person (which usually elicits a genuine smile, though it is far from a pleasant smile)

10)Imagine the offending person in a ridiculous outfit such as a macho man in a pink polka dot frilly dress (this often had me trying to suppress my laughter)

11) Update and double-check my to-do list in my head including house chores and work schedules

12) Always have a nice manicure (so that I will be less tempted to use my hands and break a nail)

13)If all else fail, abruptly walk away on the pretext of answering my cell phone.

So far, I have not inflicted harm on anybody...yet. So, these steps obviously works for me!

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Lorelei said...

Good plan! Get started on the TT a day early so it's done. :D I think I'm going to start doing the Friday Feast meme. For some reason none of your other posts showed up until today, all at once. Until today the only post that was here (the latest) was the Sept. 30 one. Now today there are all these new ones showing up. I wonder why it does that on some blogs? Sorry about the in-laws. :(

Nyla said...

Hi Lorelei: I try to do my TT early so that I don't forget as is often the case. As for my posts showing up on the same is all my fault. I have been hoarding the posts as drafts for a few days before finally publishing it on the same day. It's a habit I picked up because I often have to leave a post halfway to do something else and I only got back to it when I have the time (which could be days or hours later).

Rasmenia said...

Hmm...there are a few on this list that I haven't tried. Maybe I should start using a few of these.

It could save a life. :)

Have a great Thursday!

Xakara said...

I feel so much more normal knowing other people have to stop and do certain things to keep them from physical violence.

I've also found verbalization helps depending on the person. "Excuse me, I'm trying not to kill you and need a moment to myself." Most people laugh and you get the private smile of knowing you meant exactly what you said. *grin*

For those who don't laugh, I've found they leave me alone and so it's still useful. :)


Sparky Duck said...

Thinking of torture is perfect. Its like a married guy and a hot chick. You can look but you cant touch.

Nicholas said...

Also, leaving the room will work!

Nyla said...

Rasmenia: Thanks for dropping by. Oh, be sure, my list did save a lot of lives...;)

Xakara: Hi. I believe all of us do have a violent streak in us and it really depends on how we control it not to act it out.

Sparky Duck: You are absolutely right!

Nicholas: Sometimes leaving the room is not an option, thus I have this list. :)