Stuck in a rut due to a strike

It has been a few weeks since I last touch my work-in-progress, a romance novel in the making. This is due to a strike my hero and heroine has decided to stage in order to get their lives back.
Seems like they refused to follow the paths I have charted for them and decided to lead their lives their way. Hummpphh! The nerve!

It is not as if I do not listen to them. I do. I seriously, honestly do listen to their gadzillion grouses and complaints. I also provide the best of working conditions anyone could ever dream of. I mean, hello, who wouldn't want to meet an absolutely dashing handsome stranger (or gorgeous woman), fall in love and to find that there is a possibility of a happily ever after together?

But, no. Not these two. They are not satisfied about being introduced to each other (by me, no less!) but insist on doing things their way. What next? Demand for a higher salary, perks and a union? Honestly, some characters are just way too pampered. It is not as if I practically forced them to fall in love. Or that I had purposely placed some obstacles for them to overcome before they could actually be together. They fell in love in their own accord, much as the hero likes to deny it (that's Mr Macho for you) and the obstacles, well, it is their own making!

They have refused to go the way I want them to unless I meet their demands. I will not give in to them. No way. It would create a precedent and other characters may decide to follow suit.

Yep, I am not going to be a great pushover this time.

They will definitely follow the storyline I have charted and no, it is absolutely not negotiable. I mean, I am the writer, not them. They should be listening to me. Sheesshhh.

This just goes to prove how some characters can get grandiose ideas into their heads if we give them too much freedom. I must be more careful next time.

Now, I better go and think of a way to get across this rut. There must be a way....

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