It looks like I have neglected my blog for more than a week now... It is really amazing how time flies and how 24 hours is never enough!
I have been contemplating quitting my job and becoming a SAHM for quite a while now. Actually, it was the original plan for me to quit my job after delivering LR but somehow we have to shelve the idea, what with increasing costs of living and stacks of bills to settle.
Even as we postpone the plan of having a second child, I am now busily looking for avenues where I can be a work at home mom. Boy, it was not easy to sift through the amount of overload I get on the net.
In fact, even now, I am still sifting through all the get-rich-quick schemes which will not amount to anything but heartache and the 'work at home and earn thousands' scheme which are mostly not true. The few bona fide internet income I found to be reliable does not pay that much and I would need at least $200 weekly to be able to quit my job and not have to worry about tonnes of unsettled bills.
All this is while I try to complete my mss which is still stuck at where I left it months ago. Seriously, I need to get things going but it is giving me a massive road block at every turn.
Back to the work at home option, I just wish there is a watchdog somewhere that monitor all those so-called organisations offering work at home solutions and boasting of paying out thousands to weed out the genuine ones from the ones out to cheat unsuspecting people like me.
I am sure there must be some, just that I have not found them.
So, now excuse me while I continue my search for options to enable me to spend more time with LR instead of having to send him off to the babysitter's every day.


Lorelei said...

"wish there is a watchdog somewhere that monitor all those so-called organisations" ... Start one! There's your SAHM job!

Nyla said...

Lorelei: You have a good idea there. I may just do that!